What Every Parent Needs to Know About Tutoring at All-Star Readers

Photo courtesy http://www.sxc.hu/photo/420824

Photo courtesy http://www.sxc.hu/photo/420824

As parents, we want the best for our children, especially when it comes to their education.

When a teacher recommends tutoring, you are partnering with the teacher and the tutor to help your child improve.  Everyone has a vested interest in seeing your child succeed.

At All-Star Readers, we pride ourselves in personal attention for all our tutoring students, at every level.   Our literacy program is designed for children 5 – 12 years old and we cater to a wide variety of tutoring needs.

Below are the most frequently asked questions about our tutoring program and how we can help your child succeed:

  1. Who can benefit the most from tutoring?  Every student can benefit from our tutoring program.  Whether your child is behind in their grade level literacy skills or you would like for us to help them exceed and surpass their current grade level, we can help all students.
  2. How many sessions are needed?  Since every student progresses at an individual rate, we will never predetermine how many tutoring sessions students need in order to attain the literacy goals we have set out for them to do so.  We will, however, assess students periodically to ensure they develop and master the skills we want them to.
  3. What are some of the signs that a child needs tutoring? Some common signs that indicate students need supplemental literacy instruction include but are not limited to the following:
    *Kinder/1st grade students have a difficult time with their phonemic awareness (ability to manipulate sounds).  Their sight word knowledge also tends to be low.  These two areas will typically affect their reading fluency (rate, prosody, comprehension).
    *2nd through 6th grade students have a low fluency.  They read at a lower rate than they should, their prosody does not flow well and/or their comprehension is low.
  4. How do you determine that progress has been made as a result of tutoring? At All-Star Readers, we determine students’ progress with the use of both formal and informal assessments.  We administer written evaluations after every 4 weeks a student consistently attends our tutoring program.  Throughout their enrollment period, we also inform parents of the goals we set out for their children to attain, observations and milestones their children achieve on a daily basis.
  5. What should parents look for in a tutoring provider? Parents should look for the following in any effective tutoring provider:
    *Staffs’ expertise, experience and qualifications to tutor in any particular academic area.
    *Tutoring providers should never predetermine how many hours or sessions it will take for a student to attain their academic goals.
    *Daily communication of how the student is progressing
    *Individualized lesson plans
    *Ongoing formal and informal assessments
  6. What is included in each tutoring session? Each tutoring session includes 50 minutes of 1:1 instruction and a 10 minute break in which  student is offered a snack.
  7. How often should children be evaluated for tutoring needs? Most schools administer a statewide literacy assessment three times throughout the school year (beginning, middle and end).  These are crucial points in which the parents find out whether or not their child needs supplemental instruction.  Other crucial points include times when progress reports and report cards are sent home.  Parents should seek help for their children immediately.  They should never wait until their son/daughter’s teacher schedules a retention meeting at the end of the school year.
  8. What can parents ask teachers about tutoring? 
  • If the student’s teacher recommended tutoring, why did he/she do so?
  •  What are the student’s academic strengths?
  • Is there anything in particular the tutor should focus on?

If you have any additional questions about how your child can benefit from tutoring at All Star Readers, please contact us