Ongoing Personnel Training

The state of Texas mandates for all teachers and directors working in licensed learning centers, such as All-Star Readers, to attend annual ongoing trainings about child development and education. While teachers need to fulfill a requirement of 24 hours each year, directors need to complete 30 hours. Alicia and her staff attend a variety of education workshops where they learn up-to-date and effective strategies to teach children. Alicia also provides extensive trainings for new and current teachers at All-Star Readers. In these trainings, Alicia teaches her staff about analyzing literacy assessment results and how to use these results to create and modify effective literacy curriculums for All-Star Readers students. She also explains and demonstrates useful teaching techniques that will help students master the literacy skills they need to help them succeed in the future. Aside from teaching her staff about the importance of a valuable literacy curriculum, Alicia has created partnerships with other academic oriented entities to help educate her local community about the importance of literacy.