“My daughter is learning a lot more than she would in a regular daycare!  She now knows her colors and shapes, and she is speaking very clearly!  It was a great decision to enroll her at All-Star Readers.”  ~ Anonymous

“My son loves attending All-Star Readers.  He is able to build relationships very easily and is constantly learning new things.” ~Nicole Reyes

“The All-Star Readers Staff is friendly and caring, and helped my daughter transition easily to the preschool setting.  I love all the different classes they offer to stimulate the kids continually throughout the day.  My daughter wasn’t even speaking full sentences and withing 3 weeks of attending All-Star Readers she knew 3 songs by heart, her name, her teachers names and was counting and singing her ABC’s.  She isn’t even 3 years old!” ~Gabrielle Meaney

“This is the first place I’ve seen that actually teaches the kids.  I am so glad I found it!  Every day I see the activities my daughter has done and I am so glad and bless to have found this school.  The teachers are great!  Being a teacher, I know what it takes and All-Star Readers has it all!” ~ Alethia Hernandez

“We feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful place for our boys to spend their time while we are at work.  Our sons have attended All Star Readers for over two years and we could not be happier with their academic progress that has fully prepared them for Kindergarten and beyond.  Nothing can be more comforting for working parents, than to know their children are being well cared for by both teaching and non-teaching people who have the same values,hopes and dreams for their children as they do.  Thank you All Star Readers Staff for taking care of our children and all that you do!”~ Rob and Irene Monroe

“My son is constantly learning new things.  He’s learned how to write his name, recognize letters, numbers and shapes. The teachers are very friendly.  he’s learning a lot more than he was in other daycare facilities.  My son was unable to speak English when he got to All Star Readers and now he is speaking full sentences.  I really love how teachers interact with the kids and I’m very happy with the progress he’s made.”  ~ Anonymous

“I truly recommend All-Star Readers.  I am amazed weekly with all the new things my 2 year old twins learn.  It’s wonderful to have your children come home knowing new numbers, shapes, colors, words and animals.  They love to count and sing the ABCs.” ~  Chamy Delgado