By V. Ya. Lipchenko - R. P. Samusev

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Cytochemistry, Fig. 18. Peroxisome Morphology, in a l i g h t - g r o w n and o a t leaf f r o m Distribution a 9-day-old t h r e a d l i k e a n d c r y s t a l l i n e i n c l u s i o n s o c c u r in t h e s a m e p e r o x i s o m e , m , seedling. Both mitochondrion; c , c h l o r o p l a s t . B a r = 0 . 5 μ ι η . F r o m P. J . G r u b e r ( u n p u b l i s h e d ) . B. 6). Their ultrastructure and number per cell are variable when all the tissues are considered. Both crystalline and amorphous inclusions are observed in the matrices.

1980) recently provided the first cytochemical evidences for oxidases (glucose and methylamine, and methanol oxidase, respectively) in peroxisomes of filamentous fungi {Aspergillus niger and Poria contigua, respectively). It is generally assumed that catalase exists within these organelles to breakdown H 0 generated by oxygen-coupled oxidative enzymes. Accepting this assumption, and considering recent studies that negative results for oxidase activity have not been reported 2 2 54 2. 9 Fungal Species from W h i c h Peroxisomes H a v e Been Isolated by Density-Gradient Centrifugation" E n z y m e activity'' Species α-HAO AO DAO Chytridiomycetes Blastocladiella emersonii Botryodiplodia theobromae Entophlyctis + + sporangia spores sp.

Zea Nodule + max Ovule officinale Shoot apex Zea Pedicel Spadix Lycopersicum Nicotiana esculentum tabacum Phloem characias + mays appendix Arum + folia mays Euphorbia sp. Convolvulus majus plant Zingiber Glycine + + vulgaris Phleum Quercus + + + + + Nectary Prunus hirsutum Phaseolus Euphorbia + excelsior Gossypium pepo Latex vessel maculatum Sauromatum guttatum + Stem Acer rubrum Acer Citrus sp. (lime) Nicotiana Pollen Zea sativus Eichhornia Fraxinus Hypocotyl Cucurbita + + cepa Allium esculenturn Lycopersicum Coleus Allium Cucumis Fruit Pyrus minor Root Triticum Zea DAB Rhizoid tabacum Avena Plant part and species rubrum tabacum Stigma mays sp.

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