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Instead, pottery of a comparable date is represented by the shelly ceramics generically called Maxey ware. Equally, Maxey-type pottery does not, with the exception of a site at Walton Ingleborough, penetrate into the Norfolk marshland, potentially indicating an economic boundary. 51 If this is the case, the role of the emergent kings in the control of commodities within trade and exchange may be indicated. Unfortunately, the general presence of Ipswich ware, and the difficulty in categorising its various products into tighter chronological ranges, means that the available data are not always easy to 48 Blinkhorn, ‘Of cabbages and kings’, pp.

According to the same estate model, these units gradually disintegrated into more independent foci, a process of fission creating individual vills that became the basis of the modern parochial network. This appears to find expression in the increased amount and extent of Later Anglo-Saxon pottery, Thetford ware, seen on many sites with Ipswich ware. At the same time, the centres of some estates are potentially marked out by the density of their pottery scatters. While those sites with large concentrations of Ipswich ware may invite identification as important settlement centres, this cannot distinguish whether they are secular or religious in nature.

Pp. 103–6. Since that paper was written, trial trenching by the Suffolk Archaeological Unit has revealed Coddenham to have settlement evidence with post-built structures and a range of pottery fabrics – but no Ipswich ware. I am grateful to John Newman for this information. 400–1200’, p. 60. 51 Silvester, ‘The addition’, p. 28. 28 Monasticism in Middle Anglo-Saxon East Anglia Fig. 6. Examples of Ipswich ware pottery. Scale 1:4. ) interrogate. For instance, in its earliest period of production, Ipswich ware may have been more expensive, prestigious and therefore available only to settlements of higher social status, such as monasteria.

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