By Philippe Ellia

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Nel 2003, con Il rischio americano, Sergio Romano affermava, nella nuova fase politica internazionale iniziata dopo gli attentati dell’11 settembre, che gli Stati Uniti, unica superpotenza mondiale, avevano agito con arroganza anche perché l’Europa period stata assente o insignificante. Poco più di dieci anni dopo, in un contesto di continua fibrillazione acuita dalla perdurante crisi economica apertasi nel 2007/2008, los angeles domanda di fondo è sempre l. a. stessa: cosa vuol fare l’Europa da grande?

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Good thing he hasn't been following me the last few years.  I have never had much use for the center line.  Only when the drops strike the shard in my palm do I under- stand the sky means to wash me away. Page 23 Calaveras High on this ridge in the Jémez Mountains, the story has it, two bull elk locked horns and died in an instinctual embrace, their skulls two bleached moons intertwined on the forest floor. What snarl of language can name the dark beauty of our own collision?  Coyote, the Indians say, had a hand in shaping this land, but he never would have been foolish enough to get caught beneath the wheels of a camper.

5408 subject : American prose. Page iii Unexpected Turn Jim Sagel UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO PRESS ALBUQUERQUE Page iv Ó1997 by the University of New Mexico Press All rights reserved. first edition p. cm. 5408dc21 CIP Some of these writings originally appeared in differing forms in the following publications: Blue Mesa Review No. Four, Spring 1992 El Palacio Summer 1993 Foreplay and French Fries Mango Publications, 1981 GuestLife New Mexico 1994-95 Rio Grande Review Fall 1992 Sell-Outs Winter 1992 Tamaqua Fall 1992, Winter 1992 and Spring 1993 The Guadalupe Review No.

Yet, as I hauled on the reins at the end of the row to turn the mare back into the sun, I saw the potatoes, white jewels lying in the broken earth. And all of the family hunched over in the field like drunken pirates filling gunny sacks with treasure.  Rolling down my window, I am not surprised to find you directing traffic. Page 16 Buscando Melodía Estoy buscando melodia para tener cómo llamarte. Silvio Rodriguez It's impossible as the New Mexican sky, this need to name your beauty. Language, like the eye, is limited by the horizon: even poetry falls short of this edge.

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