By Judson Knight; Stacy A McConnell; Lawrence W Baker

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Minimus Pupil's Book: Starting out in Latin

Обучение на АнглийскомThis straightforward Latin path for 7-10 yr olds combines a uncomplicated advent to the Latin language with fabric at the historical past and tradition of Roman Britain. hugely illustrated, the publication includes a mix of tales and myths, grammar factors and workouts, and heritage cultural details.

The Relations between Ancient Russia and Scandinavia, and the Origin of the Russian State: Three Lectures Delivered at the Taylor Institution. Oxford, in May, 1876

The family among old Russia and Scandinavia, first released in 1877, by way of the Danish philologist, Vilhelm Thomsen (1842-1927), includes Thomsen's 3 lectures at the origins of the Russian nation. The lectures got on the Taylor establishment, Oxford, in could 1876. the 1st lecture covers the ethnic history of historic Russia and its earliest political associations and the second one and 3rd lectures examine Russia's Scandinavian origins.

Demons and the Devil in Ancient and Medieval Christianity (Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae - Texts and Studies of Early Christian Life and Language)

This choice of essays techniques the position of demons and the satan in historic and medieval Christianity from a number of scholarly views: historic, philosophical, and theological in addition to philological, liturgical, and theoretical. within the beginning article Gerd Theissen provides a wide-ranging review of the function of the satan, spanning the Hebrew Bible, the hot testomony, and patristic literature.

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The Egyptians, who were very concerned about what happens in the afterlife—that is, in a life after death—built vast tombs called pyramids for their kings, the pharaohs. Many of the pyramids are still standing. They represent some of the greatest architectural achievements of human history. Closer to home, a legacy (a gift from the past) of ancient Egypt can be found in many a modern household, thanks to the Egyptians’domestication, or taming, of the house cat. The Egyptians were also one of the first peoples to develop a system of writing, which they called hieroglyphics; and a basic type of “paper,” derived from the papyrus (pronounced puh-PIE-russ) plant.

Pierre de Coubertin establishes modern Olympic Games; first Games held in Athens two years later. : Archaeologists discover first evidence, outside of the Bible, of Hittite civilization in Asia Minor. : British archaeologist Howard Carter discovers tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen. : Dead Sea scrolls discovered in Palestine. : Mycenaean Linear B script deciphered. : Archaeologists discover evidence of volcanic eruption on Greek island of Thera c. C. xlii Ancient Civilizations: Almanac Research and Activity Ideas • Pretend you are a pharaoh who has ordered the building of a pyramid, or a Chinese emperor preparing his tomb.

The morticians first removed most of the corpse’s internal organs. Then they dried the body using a variety of chemicals, most notably natron, a compound much like baking soda that came from the surrounding desert. Usually they would let the body sit in natron crystals for forty days. Next they stuffed the areas of the body from which organs had been removed, using natron, spices, sawdust, or a mixture of these ingredients. Then they sewed up the cuts they had made in the corpse when removing its insides, and rubbed the body with oil.

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