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Now up-to-date to complete colour all through, Anatomy & body structure Made exceptionally effortless! 3rd Edition provides the giant, occasionally overwhelming info of anatomy and body structure within the stress-free, uncomplicated, award-winning Incredibly Easy! kind. It reports the middle recommendations of A&P and gives designated assurance of each physique process, food, fluids and electrolytes, replica and lactation, and genetics. This variation features a "Practice Makes ideal" component of NCLEX®-style questions and pocket-sized learn playing cards for on-the-go review.

A significant other site deals new pupil and teacher assets together with learn playing cards, body structure animations, PowerPoint displays, a try out generator, educating information, and perform exercises/activities.

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Increasing its complexity, ar- rayed along the DNA molecules are over 30,000 genes. Consider its size: If the DNA sequence of the human genome were compiled in books, the equivalent of 200 volumes the size of the Manhattan telephone book (at 1,000 pages each) would be needed to hold it all. 27 If I were to read out loud the 3 billion bases in just one genome, it would take 91⁄2 years. The human genome One complete set of chromosomes, containing all the genetic information for one person, is called a genome.

Smooth-muscle tissue consists of long, spindle-shaped cells and lacks the striped pattern of striated tissue. Its activity is stimulated by the autonomic nervous system and isn’t under voluntary control. Wall tissue paper Smooth-muscle tissue lines the walls of many internal organs and other structures, including the respiratory passages from the trachea to the alveolar ducts, the urinary and genital ducts, the arteries and veins, the larger lymphatic trunks, the intestines, the arrectores pilorum, and the iris and ciliary body of the eye.

If these atoms are the same—that is, all the same element (such as all hydrogen atoms)—they’re considered a molecule of that element (a molecule of hydrogen). I know we just met, but I think we’ll make a beautiful compound together. Compounds: Where the different come together If the atoms combined are different—that is, different elements (such as a carbon atom and an oxygen atom)—the molecule formed is a compound (such as the compound CO, or carbon monoxide). Positive thinking An element’s number of protons determines its atomic number and positive charge.

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