By Chandra Chakraberty

Раритетное издание. Книга 1923 года издания, один из первых учебников по Аюрведе на английском языке. Аюрведу называют «матерью медицины». Аюрведа была впервые записана в Ведах – древнейших писаниях. Эта система оздоровления практикуется в повседневной жизни Индии на протяжении 5000 лет. Это одна из древнейших медицинских систем, которая оказала большое влияние на развитие арабской и европейской медицины. Аюрведа или “наука о жизни” учит, что болезнь есть разбалансирование различных энергий в теле человека. Она помогает восстановить равновесие между этими энергиями и таким образом поддерживать здоровье.

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Sacro-iliacum posterns longu^n, lig. ilio-lumhale, lig. sacro-tiiberosum . lig. sacro-spinosu7n, pubicum posteri7is,an terius,superius and lig. inferius^^^t the upper-breast (sterno-claviciilar \pm\. of the sternum -da^di clavicles held together by Zi^. ' costo-ster- C7flaris lig. nalium radiatum, ligg. sterno-costalia interarticu" laria) and at the neck (scapulo-clavicular joint held together by lig. coraco-claviculare, lig^ ANATOMY \ ^onoicleum and 5. lig. 29 trajoezoideum). Susruta III. 15-1@= It very likely that Susruta by 'simanta* means only the synovial capsule and the membrane which are usually found at the joint of more than two bones and which he calls 'samis ghdta\ By tlie general term 'saudhi' he has designated the articular joint and which he has enumerated as 210 and tlie fibrous band which binds the bones at the joints together (ligament) to the bones {tendons,) whether and the muscles ligamentous or tendonous, he by the common designation 'snayu*-'io bind' and which he describes to be nine hundred (///.

Susruta III. 5. SI). the epidermal formations were Susruta as bones. If the teeth in the skeleton, it is The nails dismissed — by were counted because the teeth are bone- hard and strong. Histology is '^a recent science and it could not be known in ancient like, times that tooth is mucous membrane. ostal counted of cartilages as the bones, state all the embryo^aic nous condition 15 the have been ribs because in the is it bones are in cartilagi- and in certain diseases, the become ossified. Sus'ruta counts 30 as the dorsal and the lumbar vertebrae, for the reasons that the spinal column really consists costal cartilages of 33 irregular bony segments of wliich the upper 24i are separated during life by discs of spinous cartilaginous articular are therefore called "true" processes, and "movable" or vertebrae, in distinction from the lower 9 whicli are called the or "false" **fixed" vertebrae, for they become consolidated into the sacrum and the coccyx.

ANATOMY. The ancient Hindu physicians lacked profound and accurate anatomical knowledge. They have left more or less superficial, vague and imaginary description of the liuman anatomy, as found in their treatises, except in osteology. There is nothing astonishing in medical science period for developed alleviation The Buddhists regarded naturally in Buddhistic physical all life with the The Hindu sufferings. as sacred. They horror the idea of and of depriving an animal of for experimental medicine.

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