By David Wiedemer

America’s Bubble economic climate is the 1st publication to target numerous simultaneous monetary bubbles which are interacting to briefly boost—and eventually threaten—the usa and global economies. full of professional research and immediately speak, this booklet will enable you to flip the arrival fiscal transformation right into a once-in-a-lifetime wealth-building chance.

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Consumer debt is part of the reason our economy has done as well as it has in recent years. Without the credit card boom, we would suffer. The dark side of the Consumer Debt Bubble only appears if interest rates go up a lot. In Chapters 2 and 3, we will show you why we believe interest rates will go higher, much higher—high enough to slow consumer spending on credit and reverse some of the benefits the United States and other economies have enjoyed while the Consumer Debt Bubble was rising. qxp 8/8/06 1:38 PM Page 22 America’s Bubble Economy Do We Have a Bubble in Our International Trade Deficit?

Some people’s view of reality is not how it is, but how they think it should be. Do We Have a Bubble in Consumer Debt? A half century ago, we didn’t have credit cards. Now we’re drowning in them. 2). Today, we carry all sorts of credit cards, which we use to buy everything from groceries and gas to the latest movies and electronic gizmos. 2 Growth of Consumer Debt A key driver of economic growth has been consumer spending and a key driver of consumer spending has been the enormous rise of consumer debt.

So which is it? Real estate bubble or no real estate bubble? Let’s be reasonable and review the facts. S. home prices consistently rose about 1 percent a year (when adjusted for inflation) in response to rising incomes and growing population. More recently, however, home prices have shot up 10, 15, even 25 percent annually, at a time when real wage growth has been essentially flat and population growth is dramatically slowing. qxp 8/8/06 1:38 PM Page 16 America’s Bubble Economy need to get derailed by complex arguments.

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