By Johannes Helmond

This e-book places all rumors apart on alchemy. it tells instantly up what's genuine alchemy and what's faux. this can be very informative and that i could suggest it to a person attracted to the topic

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The blessed tincture is concealed in the wrath or fury and the curse Martis. At this point, it seems to the Artist that all his work is for nought. What happened to the tincture? Nothing is being revealed, nothing which can be seen can be recognized or tasted, other than Darkness, the painful death, a hellish, frightful fire, nothing but wrath and the curse of God. It cannot be seen, that in this putrefaction or dissolution Alchemy Unveiled Page 54 and destruction of the Tincture of Life, that in this Darkness there is Light, in this Death there is Life, in this Wrath and Fury there is Love and in this Poison there is the highest and the most exquisite tincture and remedy against all Poisons and Ailments.

The Preparation of the Azoth. " -(Axiomata, 1736) The dissolving water, as aforementioned, is not given to Human Beings by Nature, but instead this secret Spirit of Vinegar must be artfully prepared by Human Beings. The Adepts keep total silence when it comes to the preparation, and when they talk about it, the explanations are very vague. Joh. de Monte-Snyder says this about this subject: "Even though, for those who are experienced in this matter, I wrote too clearly, more distinct, than any other Philosophus has ever written or brought into the daylight; there is still a little bit, which I have kept from them, namely, how to make out of an unmelted, brittle, mineral Saturno such highly valuable mercurium, and how to bring this into a red Spiritum.

This condition of the philosophical Blackness is described by the Alchemist John Pordage (some consider him to be the English Jacob Boehme) with the following words: "Because, through this, the delicate tincture, this delicate Child of Life must descend into the forms and attributes of Nature, so that it may suffer and endure the temptation, so that it may continue to exist; by necessity, it must descend into the divine Darkness, into the dark Saturnum, wherein no Light of Life can be seen. It must be held captive therein and be bound by the Chains of Darkness and it must live from the food, which the prickly Mercurium will give it to eat; and that is for the divine Life-Tincture nothing else but dust and ashes, poison and gall and fire and sulphur.

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