By Tony Bryant, Veena Syan

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The work before us is only a résumé of a larger one not yet completed. It is divided into four parts. The first part is taken up with general remarks on the question to be discussed, and on the sense in which the terms manners and laws are used by the author. The second part treats of the influence of manners upon laws; the third of the influence of laws on manners; and the fourth contains views and observations on the means offered by the reciprocal influence of manners and laws for the social melioration of nations.

Boston Quarterly Review 1 (January, 1838): 83-106. Brownson refers here to Bowen’s “Locke and the Transcendentalists,” Christian Examiner 23 (November, 1837): 170-94. 103 In Aids to Reflection, vol. 9 of The Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Aids to Reflection, ed. : Princeton University Press, 1993), 102 Introduction 37 or morals, or theologies. ” That power of a life of love, furthermore, did not originate with Jesus; it existed before Abraham, and, therefore, Christianity was not original with Jesus but preceded him.

99 It had a much wider subscription list, for example, than did the semiofficial organ of the “pure” Transcendentalists, the Dial (1840-44), which never had more than 300 subscribers throughout its existence. The Quarterly took a leading role in advocating the new philosophy and particularly in spreading a knowledge of French idealism and eclecticism, and the more radical French socialist tradition of the Saint-Simonians, the later Félicité de Lamennais, and Pierre Leroux. In the judgment of Clarence L.

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