By Stephani Hecht

Noah continued a 12 months of harsh captivity via the Ravens earlier than eventually being rescued by way of his fellow pussycat shifters. Scarred in additional methods than one and traumatized, he’s attempting to settle right into a new lifestyles with the relatives he by no means knew he had. Too many undesirable thoughts and fears are making the transition under effortless, besides the fact that. although his siblings declare to care approximately him, Noah feels that as a result of his haunted previous, he’s unworthy in their devotion.
Only something brings him any experience happiness, a tiger shifter named Seth. the matter is, Seth is the exact opposite of Noah. A soldier in each feel of the note, he’s robust, horny and honorable. Noah is aware the opposite guy is out of his league, so he vows to maintain his emotions a secret.
Then someday Seth deals to assist Noah easy methods to guard himself. even if Noah understands he may still refuse, he concurs. His riding have to no longer be vulnerable anymore and his deep emotions for Seth make the temptation an excessive amount of to withstand. yet in getting towards Seth, will Noah be at risk of wasting his middle?

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Brent never went easy on trainees. In the real world, the felines had to be well prepared as they faced many hostile shifters, Jackals, Hyenas, other felines who’d gone rogue and importantly, Ravens. Over the past few decades Ravens had become the biggest threat of all. Seth gave an internal shudder as he thought about that horrible night, a little over twenty years ago, when he’d lost everyone he cared about to the Ravens when the birds had mounted a mass attack on several feline homes. He hadn’t been the only one who had suffered either.

Seth smiled fondly as he thought about the mated pair of feline shifters. ” Noah laughed. Seth joined him. “Carson was the one who came up with that nickname. ” “Carson loves to annoy anyone,” Noah corrected. ” Deciding they’d touched on enough deep topics for one night, Seth nodded to the center of the mat. ” Noah walked in with an air of such dejection Seth was half-tempted to ask if he thought they were about to have a public execution. Once at the center of the mat, Noah shot him a doubtful glance.

She didn’t have much money, but it didn’t matter because she somehow managed to make sure to do things to let me feel special. ” He smiled as a warm feeling settled in his stomach. ” Brent asked. ” That warm feeling dissipated, leaving behind a cold brick. ” Brent pressed. Noah ground his teeth together. Even though he knew that question had been coming, it didn’t mean he welcomed it. “She died from a heart attack. I was at school at the time, so I couldn’t help her. My principle called me into the office and told me about it.

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