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D. Gass, & S. L. N. Rao sulphoximine is phosphorylated on the enzyme. Interpretation of these results was greatly facilitated by the work of Christensen et al. (1969), who separated the diastereoisomers of L-methionine-SR-sulphoximine by separation of their salts with (+)-camphor- I 0-sulphonic acid and established their absolute configurations by X-ray crystallography. We are particularly grateful to Dr. Anders Kjaer of the Technical University of Denmark for informing us of this research before publication, and also for providing us with generous samples of the two diastereoisomers.

One experiment (Meeter, unpublished) showed that twelve rats intravenously injected with an LD 50 of DFP (1·7 mgfkg) all died when the development of hypothermia was prevented by subjecting them to an environmental temperature of 33·5°C, during the first 5 h following the DFP administration. These results suggest that forcible correction of an existing anti-ChE hypothermia may be dangerous. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Prof. Dr. E. M. Cohen, Dr. R. L. Polak and Dr. 0. L. Wolthuis for stimulating discussions throughout the course of this investigation, and to Miss R.

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