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Padoux describes this distinction sans differentiation by calling the arising of i part of the "inner evolution"96 of the Supreme, allowing the foundation of eternality and immovability to remain unshaken, even at the emergence of new potentialities. 97 There are two slightly varying approaches to the emanation of the fourth letter of the Sanskrit alphabet, f. 98 94 Padoux, Vac, 247 n. 58. , 247. , 246. , 247. 9S Jee, Kashmir Shaivism, 17 . � 53 Though agitated, f still resides within the potentiality of iccha and ultimately within Siva.

A, the original step toward emanation of the manifest univer�� as understood in Tantric schools, especially Kashmir Saivism, is said to be of the vimarsa, the akula consciousness directed back toward pariimarsa through the original divine union. , 239. 84 Ibid. 49 manifest universe, stemming from a, must therefore also be reflective on the panimarsa level of awareness, or the consciousness of Siva himself, resulting in the important Tantric mystic notion that even the most mundane and seemingly corporeal elements of this manifest world must innately have within themselves the subtle, yet powerful, vimarsa toward Siva, illuminating them with endless potential for self-knowledge of the Ultimate.

A nuttara), and as the abode (dhama) in which everything occurs. 85 The second letter of the Sanskrit alphabet vocally extends the first. 86 A higher understanding, though, reveals the more metaphysical interpretation of the equation. lk 85 Muller-Ortega, The Triadic Hearl of S iva, 90. obhtilmaka), resulting in tinanda (ti), or an undisturbed energy, which would obviously produce the same essence of the anuttara. Jayaratha furthers this apparent contradiction by citing internal sandhi rules which allow a and a to come together as a (Padoux, Vac, 246).

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