By Gilles Fouchard

Methods to use Microsoft's most recent working process with the straightforward consultant structure, which takes the reader from absolute fundamentals via to projects akin to multi-media streaming and utilizing the recent customisation strategies.

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Stopping a search The Stop button allows you to suspend processing at any time. This is useful if the processing seems to be taking too much time, especially if the file sought has just been added to the results list. 16 Shutting down Windows XP. The Run menu The Run menu is used to run a program directly when you know its name. If you cannot remember its name, press the Browse button to search the Desktop or work from My Computer. Change of user on a PC The Log off submenu, which can be accessed from the Start menu, closes down all active applications and opens a new working session.

2: Setting up Windows XP Load Disk Cleanup by clicking on Start, opening All Programs, choosing Accessories, then System Tools and then Disk Cleanup. 9). 9 Removing unwanted files. 25 26 Windows XP Connect to the Internet Chapter 8 is dedicated to connecting to the Internet. For now you should note that, on completion of the Windows XP installation routine, a number of Internet programs will have been added to the Internet Explorer folder, which can be accessed from the Programs menu in the Start procedure.

You can speed up the search further by specifying which drives or folders to start looking in. Note that the search will normally look into all the subfolders below the start point. Click Search Now to start the search. It may take a few moments. 41 42 Windows XP In the Search Options area you can define a search by specifying Date, Type, Size or Advanced Options. If you know when a file was created, modified or last accessed, you can set the date limits. The little drop-down calendar provides a very neat way to set dates!

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