By Eli C. Minkoff

A Laboratory consultant to Frog Anatomy is a handbook that gives crucial info for dissecting frogs. the choice presents complete instructions, in addition to targeted illustrations. The textual content covers 5 organ structures, particularly skeletal, muscular, circulatory, urogenital, and frightened method. The handbook additionally information a frog’s significant exterior and inner good points.
The booklet can be of significant use to scholars and teachers of biology similar laboratory direction.

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M. M. profundus D i g i t II flexor teres indicis lumbricalis brevis indicis opponens indicis lumbricalis brevis digiti III flexor teres digiti III D i g i t III flexor ossis metacarpi digiti III lumbricalis longus digiti IV interphalangealis digiti IV lumbricalis brevis radialis digiti IV D i g i t IV lumbricalis brevis ulnaris digiti IV flexor teres digiti IV flexor ossis metacarpi digiti IV lumbricalis longus digiti V interphalangealis digiti V lumbricalis brevis radialis digiti V lumbricalis brevis ulnaris digiti V adductor proprius digiti V Digit V opponens digiti V abductor primus digiti V abductor secundus digiti V flexor teres digiti V transversus metacarpi primus Muscles running transversus metacarpi secundus a c r o s s t h e m e t a c a r p a l s , transversus metacarpi tertius from one digit to another 69.

S o m e of t h e fibers d i v e r g e t a n g e n t i a l l y f r o m t h e rest t o run a n t e r i o r l y a n d i n s e r t u p o n t h e p o s t e r i o r t i p of t h e u r o s t y l e . T h i s m u s c l e f u n c t i o n s as a n a n a l s p h i n c t e r . In a d d i t i o n t o t h e m u s c l e s l i s t e d a b o v e , c e r t a i n o t h e r m u s c l e s lie in t h e t r u n k r e g i o n . Of t h e s e , t h e m. c u c u l l a r i s is t r e a t e d u n d e r t h e m u s c l e s of t h e h e a d ( f r o m w h i c h it is d e r i v e d ) , w h i l e t h r e e o t h e r m u s c l e s ( m .

T e m ­ p o r a l i s . T h e i n s e r t i o n is t o t h e d e e p o r v e n t r a l s u r f a c e o f t h e s u p r a s c a p u l a n e a r its m e d i a l b o r d e r ; t h e m m . r h o m b o i d e u s p o s t e r i o r , l e v a t o r s c a p u l a e s u p e r i o r , a n d s e r r a t u s s u p e r i o r a l s o i n s e r t in t h i s region. T h e m. r h o m b o i d e u s a n t e r i o r s h o u l d be cut, a n d t h e s h o u l d e r girdle f o l d e d posterolaterally, in o r d e r t o e x p o s e these m u s c l e s .

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