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2 PHONOTACTICS All Wambaya words must contain a minimum of two syllables, can begin with either a vowel or a consonant, and must end with a vowel (see below for a discussion of the auxiliary which is the one exception to this). Although consonants (usually) cannot occur word-finally, they can occur syllable-finally when they are the first element in a consonant cluster. There are a few consonant-final nominal roots (involving /j/, /g/ and /ny/) and many of the verbal stems are consonant-final, ending in either /n/, /rd/, Ir1/, Irr/, /j/, /ny/, /g/ or /ng/.

Yagamarri/yagamarrirna is not clearly related to the pragmatically equivalent Proto Southwestern or Proto Northeastern forms but may be derived from the same root as jiyanrarrama/niyarrutrrama, which is *l amarra in both sets of prototerms. Note that these two subsections would belong to the one section in a section system (such as the Kariera system). 23 Interestingly, the pairs of terms that are suggested here as corning from the north-east, as opposed to the south-west, do not correspond with the structure of either a section system or a moiety system.

His second cross-cousin). However, this is not his only possible marriage partner; there are second- and third-choice partners also. e. 24 For example, Bangarinji's first choice is Yagamarrirna (as his mother is Nurrulana whose mother is Balyarrinya whose brother is Balyarrinji whose daughter is Nurlanyma whose daughter is Yagamarrîrna). His second choice is Balyarrinya (as his mother is Nun-ulama whose mother is Balyarrinya). His third choice is Niyamarrarna (as his father is Jiyinanta whose sister is Niyinama whose daughter is Niyarnarrama).

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