By Ernest T. Abdel-Massih.

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Fachsprachen Languages for Special Purposes: Ein Internationales Handbuch zur Fachsprachenforschung und Terminologiewissenchaft An International Handbook of Special-Language and Terminology Research, Band 2 Vol. 2 (Handbücher zur Sprach- und Kommunikatio

This instruction manual is a accomplished illustration of the targets, effects and functions of detailed language and terminology learn together with its historical past and current tendencies.

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 1999: Selected Papers from "Going Romance" 1999, Leiden, 9-11 December 1999

This quantity brings jointly a variety of articles awarded at 'Going Romance' 1999. The articles specialize in present syntactic and semantic matters in quite a few Romance languages, together with Catalan, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and a couple of Northern Italian dialects. numerous articles specialise in negation, which was once the subject of the workshop at Going Romance 1999, yet different issues investigated contain Wh- in situ, unfastened kinfolk, exclamatives, lexical decomposition and thematic constitution, unaccusative inversion, and temporal existential buildings.

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T? tf tF Thank you. sah:a . bIa azmr-r uras gaY azml-L bla Donr Donrt mentlon ur-a*s to be, to r did. f o rriqr o*l {* 'tt yZe a thank you expresston sald to your host after tea or a rneal. R. s. s. p. p. i qam s :aht i do. a lt. without favor negative particle to you (*... ) aZmil I:a t rnention it. ) ) ) *Je* a restricted thank You expression sald for example when someone Pours water for You to wash Your hands before or after haEaE dinner, Dontt mention it. s. ) to (r. *. ) to (*,p. p. t6 t+ * -49- A Course ln Spoken Tarnazlght tanbarEt tanbarEt Congratulations.

T Fine. *)eJ+ How ls How is lwaEun labas ? mani lwasun id: labas ltvasun the familY? the familY? children r^rh a mani no ? question Particle id. Fine. s. ) obJect to ask future tense Particle sal ad- -44- Unit I adYifEisal NOTE: Such verbal structures as the word. r+ manlhn kul: ld: labas -ts * How ? nlsmn5 one are You (m. ) all? p. ) (oUi. p. ) all -ful: l1 as l& -knt labas nhmd i-rb wj'll ask about you above are here shown he Fine. lt )t What ? is Your name? lsm name mlsminw ? mismn! What is my name?

E. conslsts of three syllables; f a*:T/ has two syllables [eadr"fJ. Note that /t:/ and /dt/ are not represented as f t:] and f at1 *s ls stated above slnce they shown abovet €,g. are preeedeci. by a vowel, -33- t r A Course ln Spoken Tamazlght 4. Stress ls a non-contrastlve feature. e. /v/ or [ " ] ). Word stress in Tamazight Examples: a- to askt t to helpr / saL/ t /+ I 6wn tw- I / a / to doubtt t to rinset t / sJ< za/ /s:-i:_/ t /edn/ / to swimt /aatt/ to taket t to findr t to returnt tto beginf a I / -.

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