By P. C. Sandler

During this magisterial paintings, Paulo Sandler maintains to tell apart himself as a prime student at the works of Bion. Already renowned for his encyclopedic zeal, this current ebook keeps Sandler's tireless seek of Bion's contributions via this noteworthy medical program of Bion's ideas.

A significant characteristic of Sandler's method of learning Bion has been to contextualize the history of Bion's assumptions. In so doing, he investigates cultural and old antecedents, particularly together with the philosophical and medical issues of view. From them Sandler selects Romanticism to discover futher: among the features of Romanticism is mind's eye, at top artistic, but additionally idealization and hyperbole.

Sandler additionally discusses Bion's method of being "scientific", one remarkable point of that is his precise use of theories, which he distinguishes from versions.

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