By Wendy Green

Were you aware that as much as one in 5 humans within the united kingdom be afflicted by hay fever?

Are you one in all them?

In this easy-to-follow e-book, Wendy eco-friendly explains how genetic, nutritional, mental and environmental elements can give a contribution to hay fever and gives sensible suggestion and a holistic method of assist you take care of your signs, together with basic nutritional and way of life alterations and DIY complementary therapies.

Find out 50 belongings you can do this present day that will help you take care of hay fever including:

• establish your allergens

• undertake preventative strategies

• select valuable meals and supplements

• deal with tension and sit back to lessen the quantity and severity of attacks

• locate valuable firms and items

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How does stress affect the body? The brain reacts to stress by preparing the body to either stay put and face the perceived threat, or to escape from it. It does this by releasing hormones – chemical messengers – including adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol, into the bloodstream. These speed up the heart rate and breathing patterns and may induce sweating. Glucose HAY FEVER AND EMOTIONS 63 and fatty acid levels in the blood rise, to provide a burst of energy to deal with the threat by challenging it or running away.

Eat rye breads, crackers and crisp breads, oats and oat cakes, gluten-free ̟ours, brown rice, millet, quinoa and buckwheat instead. THE FOOD FACTOR 47 14. g. sun̟ower and ̟axseed oils. These are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, which contain hormonelike substances called prostaglandins that have anti-in̟ammatory properties and may help to reduce hay fever symptoms. Some nutritionists advise at least three servings of oily ̞sh each week. If you dislike it, consider taking a ̞sh oil supplement.

Household cleaners Many chemical-based household cleaners contain irritants and allergens that may exacerbate hay fever symptoms. In a recent study by the World Wildlife Fund involving 47 volunteers, between 13 and 54 out of 101 man-made chemicals were detected in individual volunteers’ bodies. Many of these were found to have come from household cleaning products and were identi̞ed as harmful. Soda solution Bicarbonate of soda is cheap and very versatile. Mixed with water, it forms an alkaline solution that helps dissolve dirt and grease and neutralise smells.

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