Preschool, Summer Literacy Camp and Afterschool Literacy Tutoring
Throughout the time that Alicia has owned All-Star Readers, she has lead and taken part in a variety of positive programs and partnerships in her local community. First, because she understands the importance of an effective early literacy program, she implemented a successful and scientifically researched-based curriculum at All-Star Readers. Thus far, this literacy curriculum has proven to be valuable because it has helped create a fun-learning environment in which preschool students have been able to master the early literacy skills that will help them succeed in their future school years. Because Alicia knows not all children have the opportunity to participate in an effective early literacy program and as a result they face academic challenges in their current schooling, she created a summer literacy camp and an afterschool literacy tutoring program for children 5 years to 12 years old. Both programs have been beneficial to students because Alicia and her staff create individualized literacy curriculums to help each student attain his/her unique goals. The staff at All-Star Readers use ongoing formal/informal assessments to create and modify these individualized lessons. Throughout each student’s enrollment, the teachers also inform parents of their children’s progress and what they can do at home to ensure their children’s academic success.


Presently, All-Star Readers has established two local partnerships. First, All-Star Readers recently became a Partner in Education with a local elementary. With this partnership, Alicia hopes to donate her services to help teach at-risk students as well as train more educators on how to create and implement effective literacy curriculums in their classrooms. The second partnership not only provides an opportunity to reach out to children and teachers but to parents as well. Target awarded an educational grant to All-Star Readers to help fund and expand their after school literacy tutoring program. The money from this grant will help pay for new teacher trainings, more books and ways to inform the community about helpful literacy techniques they can implement at home with their children.