About Us

Our Vision

A dedicated teaching staff committed to reducing the illiteracy rate one student at a time by creating an engaging and effective literacy curriculum.

Our Mission

To help all students develop an appreciation for reading and writing while they also master fundamental literacy skills for their future success through the use of research based literacy programs, differentiated and individualized literacy curricula, informative literacy assessments, proper educator training for effective literacy instruction and community awareness and involvement towards reducing society’s illiteracy rate.

Our Goal

A main goal at All-Star Readers is to provide a comprehensive literacy curriculum for all children. Each child is an individual who deserves to be respected, appreciated for his or her own unique character and given the opportunity to attend an academic facility that encourages them to master essential literacy skills while they develop their higher order, critical thinking skills.

Toddler and Preschool Program

Children are taught on an individual basis unique to their own stage of development. Children 18 months to 5 years of age participate in age appropriate activities which are planned to coordinate with specific weekly topics that are familiar to them. They carry out these lessons/activities in each of the five activity centers they visit every day (literacy, math, science, art, dramatic play). Throughout the day, each group of children rotates to a different activity area with the age group that corresponds to him/her. These activity areas are arranged into engaging and fun-learning centers.

The preschool program has a very strong and successful literacy curriculum set in place. This program incorporates research-based instruction, a systematic, explicit plan and it differentiates instruction to meet students’ individual needs. The literacy program also exposes students to a variety of different writing styles and genres while it helps students make a connection between the literacy skills and strategies they learn to the real world.

Afterschool Literacy Tutoring

“1 in 4 third graders who are not reading at grade level will drop out or fail to graduate by age 19, a rate more than six times the one for proficient readers” (Webley, Raleigh, p. 49).

Therefore, All-Star Readers initiated a productive and cost-efficient afterschool literacy tutoring program. This program incorporates a well-balanced curriculum that consists of the five pillars of reading (phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency) as well as a set of assessments that informs the teachers and parents about each student’s strengths as well as their learning gaps. The data the assessments provide help the knowledgeable staff at All-Star Readers create a differentiated lesson plan for each individual student. Throughout their enrollment at All-Star Readers, each tutoring student is continuously assessed to help ensure their individualized curriculum proves to be successful. Another aspect of the tutoring program is the writing component. Like the reading curriculum, the writing lessons are also tailored to each student’s individual needs. These plans consist of a well-rounded curriculum that includes teacher directed mini lessons, time for independent student writing and conferences between student and teacher. These conferences are an opportunity for teachers to conduct informal assessments in order to learn the writing skills their students have mastered and those they continue to need help with.

The key factor that ensures the academic programs at All-Star Readers continue to be successful is dedication – dedication to help all students master and develop an appreciation for the literacy skills that will help them become productive citizens in our society